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Because we are committed to improving the oral healthcare knowledge of our patients, we are providing the following selection of dental videos which we hope you will find interesting and informative. We have grouped the videos into various categories to provide quick access to the topics of greatest interest to you.

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WELCOME TOJoliet Family DentistRY

I started on Ruby St Joliet Illinois in a 450 square foot office with a depression era dentist just fresh out of the University of Illinois Dental school.We had 2 dental chairs,one that had to be from the 1940's and one that I bought 2nd hand in very good shape.His xray machine was broken and he use to refer out to the oral surgeon for xrays.Some of the new equipment I had bought was that new xray unit and new sterilizer.At that time he only charged nine dollars to pull a tooth.I would come in beforegetting my license to clean up the office since he was 80 years old starting in 1928.I remember being in that office scrubbing old asphalt tile on a cold autumn night at 12;00a.m. Friday just to get things ready.After all I was 26 and scarred of my own shadow after 8 hard years of college.My father had died 7 years previously and His brothers Dick and Syl who knew Dr Pokorny understood what was happening told me in in machine shop words not to get my bowels in an uproar.I would learn.But keep my eyes open and my mouth shut and observe life.Those two and another friend retiled my office for me.On top of that the neighborhood came to find out all about me especially the old 70ish ladies who said I was like their son but also scolded me once in a while.I did get some food brought to me though when they thought I was not taking care of myself.

Dr Pokorny started before Penicillin was introduced.I heard many World War 2 stories and also about him seeing Al Capone at the Joliet train station.They were hard times,him starting one year before the 1929 crash

Being 26 I would make sure I was a half hour earlier than the old timer.What would people think if I strolled in later in the morning.The patients that are with me from that time still remember me doing that and always having a pot of coffee on to serve while I was getting ready.Learning how to to love the neighborhood..just for your information the office was so small that my developing tank for xrays was in the one bathroom that we had.Sometimes I just had to wait.I did get a developer soon though.

I spent nine years on Ruby St. and moved to a huge 950 square foot office on Theodore St a mile and a half away.a kingdom to me.after 23 years I ended up on Caton Farm Road with a 4 chair office ,a full staff,and have just started a new dentist with me.

What is this all about?Nothing you learn in school,nothing in any book,not even one paragraph.It was a labor of love.It is life.many relationships,much learning,some tears but a gift from God to be able to heal.People still remember me coming in at 7 A.M.(And I would not change anything)